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PLA Filament
1.PLA is made from corn starch.
2.PLA has bright colors and can be made semi-transparent.
3.PLA can avoid curling and warping in printing.
ABS Filament
1.There are 13 colors of ABS filament for choice.
2.High tensity and high tenacity.
3.Softer than PLA.
PETG Filament
1.Good transmittance and glossiness
2.Good toughness
Flexible Filament
1.The more high soft, high elasticity.
2.High transparency .
3.Tasteless and odorless, very environmentally friendly.
PVA Filament
1.1.75mm/3mm PVA filament
2.Vacuum package. Net weight: 0.5kg
3.Water-soluble material
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