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what is the accuracy of 3d printer real meaning from Createbot ?
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After 6 months, CreateBot's R3D core design team made a great effort. This 3D printer uses the high-quality style of CreateBot, and the aluminum gantry structure makes it easy for 3D printing enthusiasts to get started.

Just use 3 steps to easily install this S3 3D PRINTER


At the same time, the 315*300*415mm super-large printing size of this CreateBot R3D 3D printer can make model printing no longer needs to be divided into several sections to print. The difficulties you have encountered before are not problems here. Later, we will separately launch the detailed professional technical comparison data between different types 3d printer, please pay attention to it!

Almost of all 3D printer manufacturer on the market say that their 3D printer is a high-precision 3D printer. Here, Please allow me to explain what the accuracy of 3D printer really is. 

The so-called 3D printer accuracy is mainly about two index:

One index is a "precision", another one index is "repeat accuracy". For example, the accuracy is ±0.1mm, which means that the x/y/z axis can achieve the dimensional accuracy. The repeat accuracy refers to the position accuracy that can be achieved when the x/y/z axis walks back and forth to the original point. Generally, there is no inclination precision index.

However... we should know that there is an error in all the precision, sometimes there will be errors due to the 3D print data you design, and sometimes because of the shrinkage of your 3D printing filament that you use. The error is also possible that your mood is not good at that time:)?  Well, maybe! So there is many printer manufacturers say that their printing accuracy is high. In fact, there is a little confusion with the actual meaning of precision. So, 3D printer lovers and users, the final accuracy of your 3D printer depends on various reasons. Of course, a good 3D printer is a prerequisite.

Finally, I have to say that Createbot R3D S3 3D printer is a cost-effective 3D printer that you deserve to get. Of course not only the R3D S3, but also we have other models like the Super mini, MINI, MID, MAX.

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