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  • R3D Slicing Software V1.1.
    File Name : R3D Slicing Software V1.1.File Type : ZIP

    The slicing software is used to create an STL format file for the 3D printer to print. Suitable for R3D series 3D printers such as R3D S3. Also for Createbot 3D printers.

  • Createbot APP for Wifi Connection
    File Name : Createbot APP for Wifi ConnectionFile Type : RAR

    Createbot APP for Wifi Connection, if you would like Wifi connection, please install the APP in your mobile phone.

  • Createbot Slicing Software-Last updated at Dec.18th, 2017
    File Name : Createbot Slicing Software-Last updated at Dec.18th, 2017File Type : RAR

    This is our latest Createbot slicing software. Multi-language can be chosen for installation. You can adjust preference and change it to G-code file by the software.

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