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How to estimate the accuracy of 3D printer and choose a right 3D printer according to the accuracy of 3D printer?
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How to estimate the accuracy of 3D printer and choose a right 3D printer according to the accuracy of 3D printer?

Today, 3D printers can be found all over the world on e-commerce platforms from Amazon to eBay to AliExpress to Wish. How to choose a high-precision and low-cost 3D printer has become a difficult and headache for fans of 3D printing. Everyone wants a cost-effective 3D printer, but the level of accuracy has been uneven from the sales feedback from all the major platforms. But so far, no official authority in the world has been able to do professional testing for 3D printers. All the judgments on the accuracy of 3D printers and their purchasing decisions can only be made according to the sales situation of each major platform. But sometimes consumers will make a mistake when buying a 3D printer because the feedback from the platform sales is not true. So today I once again popularize the issue of 3D PRINTER ACCURACY - some of this has already been covered in previous articles, and some of it has been updated - for those of you interested in 3D printers, check it out.

 How To Estimate The Accuracy Of 3D Printer And Choose A Right 3D Printer According To The Accuracy Of 3D Printer?

The accuracy of the 3d printer depends on the following factors: 

1. Whether the walking system in the mechanical part is accurate and reasonable.

2. Whether the software control system is reasonable.

3. The chassis, the base can not have jitter or loose phenomenon.

4. Do not choose the flexible connection of the belt or rack belt connection structure to ensure that the operation does not shake, keep the position.

5. The machine frame should be strong, it is best to industrially produced chassis. Especially the metal casing 3D printer represented by CREATEBOT's MAX MID is one of the best choices.

6. Choose high-quality stepper motor and perfect software technical support.


Here, we need to know a motor, called stepping motor, stepping motor receives a command to carry out a step, no sliding volume of the power motor, the circumference of the distribution is the motor accuracy, step size is the size of stepping motor accuracy. For example, one circle of the stepping motor is divided into: 80 steps, 100 steps, 200 steps, 280 steps, 300 steps and so on. The stepping motor drives the Z axis rotation, the Z axis rotation drives the machine head to rise up, thus produces the layer thickness. Some 3D printers use a 50-model stepping motor (50 mm in diameter) with 200 steps per circle and the z pitch is 1.75 mm.

It can be calculated that the layer height of each step of the 3D printed product is "1.75 mm ÷  200 steps = 0.0875 mm/step thick". This is the same for the X and Y axes. And it is already the accuracy of a hair.

 How To Estimate The Accuracy Of 3D Printer And Choose A Right 3D Printer According To The Accuracy Of 3D Printer?How To Estimate The Accuracy Of 3D Printer And Choose A Right 3D Printer According To The Accuracy Of 3D Printer?

This is absolute precision for the pseudo-techies who come up with it, but it's not really the end result.


In our technology, we can use programming techniques to subdivide each step of the stepping motor into 20 steps again. That's 0.0875 mm divided by 20 equals 0.004375mm, which is well below the molecular weight of the printed material. What you should know is that Createbot 3D printer uses a high quality precision stepping motor. The same stepping motor has been used for 8 years without any quality problems. So the precision of the Createbot 3d printer is absolutely worth choosing.


So it is not total right to determine the accuracy only according to the thickness of the layer. Of course, this can only be done if you have mastered the core technology. CREATEBOT 3D printer has this technical capability. It is always our aim to provide our customers with better 3D printers in a sustainable way. Hope to be with you all the way in 3D printing!

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