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How to Build a 3D Printing Classroom in School
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How to Build a 3D Printing Classroom in School

With the development of 3D printing industry, I found that the market in China for FDM 3D printer is mainly in primary and secondary schools, so here are some projects about Createbot 3d printers applying in the domestic schools for your reference.


In order to promote the industrialization and marketization of 3D printing technology in China, accelerate the communication with the international, and promote the organic integration of 3D printing technology and traditional manufacturing technology, the "China 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance" was established in Beijing on October 15, 2012 by authoritative scientific research institutions and leading 3D industry companies like the Asian Manufacturing Association, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and Tsinghua University. At the press conference of the 2nd World 3D Printing Technology Industry Conference, Luo Jun, the secretary general of the Alliance, said that there is a shortage of talents for 3D printing technology, and it is difficult for enterprises to attract talents in the development of 3D industry.


According to the undergraduate majors of the Ministry of Education in China, there is currently no 3D printing major. However, Tsinghua University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Xi'an Jiaotong University, and Shanghai Jiaotong University began rapid prototyping research (also known as 3D printing) in the 1990s. Graduate students have research directions in 3D printing technology.


Innovation starts from the kids and the interest should be cultivated from a young age. The Ministry of Education is constantly advancing the construction of interest classes in primary and secondary schools, and is partially building classes mainly for 3D printing.


Construction Goals and Ideas  

Provide a place for learning, practice, and innovation.

Change the learning style of students. ( Let students learn to experiment, do and explore in primary and secondary schools, and cultivate a certain sense of innovation. In the era of information explosion, the update speed of knowledge is unimaginable. Teachers should not only be the craftsmen who pass on knowledge. But they should also be the guides for students to explore the unknown world. The resources and facilities in the 3D printing innovation laboratory happen to open up teaching activity for teachers and students, which provides more learning style. )


Improve the professionalism of teachers. ( In order to cultivate students' sense of innovation, first of all, teachers must have certain ability to innovate. Therefore, the 3D printing innovation laboratory not only serves students, but also is important for teachers' innovative ability. It transforms innovative thinking and innovative ideas into practical models to increase innovation interest. )


Add vitality to the curriculum construction. ( With the special courses designed by the 3D Innovation Lab, the existing courses will be more varied. )


The purpose of the 3D Printing Innovation Lab is not to let students truly innovate something in the primary and secondary schools. ( At this stage, the innovative inventions from the students in primary school, is just an idea, and finally, it will be finished with the help from teachers and parents. ) The cultivation of innovation ability is not a one-off process. Therefore, the final purpose of the laboratory is to cultivate a sense of innovation and lay a solid foundation for true innovation.


Highlight the Cultivation of Students' Innovative Thinking

The cultivation of innovative consciousness is the foundation of running a school, and the construction of curriculum resources must be professional. The resources of this course are closely related to the development of students' operational skills in primary and secondary school, combined with the 3D printing and simple application in 3D scanning. Firstly, the curriculum standards are established, then the teaching content is organized, and the theory and practice are emphasized in the teaching process. The curriculum website is established, so the teaching resources such as teaching curriculum standards, teaching plans, exercises, courseware, training instructions and reference materials are run online to facilitate student access, make online teaching as an extension of the classroom, invisibly exercise students' self-learning ability, and cultivate their good habits of continuing to learn. The course website and learning discussion area of "3D Printing Technology Foundation" have extended the teaching in time and space, and opened the extracurricular teaching class.

How to Build a 3D Printing Classroom in School


Comprehensive Content and Diverse Forms for Students to Choose and Use

As far as the content of resources is concerned, it reflects the curriculum construction and teaching reform achievements in the past. There are multimedia courseware, teaching videos and teaching videos covering the whole course. There are a complete set of homework questions, test questions and test papers, and all provide reference answers. Students can choose and use the relevant teaching resources according to their own interests and preferences.


Knowledge Association, Learning Navigation, Teaching Interaction, Stimulating Students' Associative Thinking

In the form of resource content, the knowledge structure of the course is provided, which fully demonstrates the contextual association between the chapters and the knowledge points of the course, and plays a role in grasping points, outlines and learning navigation. This will help students learn and consolidate what they have learned and stimulate their thinking.

Some projects about Createbot 3D printers applying in the domestic schools

1.Wenzhou Yueqing Foreign Language School

How to Build a 3D Printing Classroom in School

2.Shandong Taian Technician College

How to Build a 3D Printing Classroom in School

3.Hefei Lu'an Road Primary School

How to Build a 3D Printing Classroom in School

4.Hefei Sixty-second Middle School

How to Build a 3D Printing Classroom in School

5.Guizhou Maker Activity Classroom

How to Build a 3D Printing Classroom in School

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