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Createbot New Product Release——Super Mini Born for Gifts and Presents
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On Jul.8th 2016, Createbot released its new product——Super Mini, one kind of 3D printer born for Gifts, only 3kg net weight.

With the tiny metal case and convenient operation, it is the best gift for kids, friends and teachers.

Super Mini Born for Gifts and Presents

This is our new 3D printer, Createbot Super Mini. It is a small but helpful 3D printer, which is designed for children.

It's only 188*188*230mm big. It has one extruder. The LCD screen operation interface is more simple than the touch 

operation interface for the kids. Children can print anything with PLA filament. In order to prevent burns, children 

should be accompanied by their parents to preheat extruder and wipe the redundant filament. Don't worry, our PLA 

filament is harmless and environmental. You will love it.

Super Mini Born for Gifts and Presents

On the scene, Createbot chief engineer of technology Zhang Wengyi took the time to explain how to use this

kind of 3D printer to kids, teach them and leave them an impressive experience.

All the children are full of curiosity about Createbot. With boundless imagination, their dream of printing is also 

vary from person to person. Some wants to print sword, some wants to print bed and some wants to print the Great

Wall, some even wants to print the earth...

They also put forward many questions. Like whether the 3D printer can print different colors, whether support 

different filaments, whether the printed model is of high quality?

The speaker answered one by one patiently. The children also take great interest in the process of printing.

Super Mini Born for Gifts and Presents

All the children were deeply atttacted by this Super Mini 3D printer. It can print various toys and gifts imaged by

the kids. Let the imagination become reality.

 Super Mini Born for Gifts and Presents

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